16. October 2020 0 Comments Business

What are Mobile Work Platforms?

Working at heights can be very difficult especially when using supports that are not all that stable like ladders and scaffolds. They can easily be affected by wind, and cause harm to the worker. However, the good news is that there is a much stable option in the form of User-friendly mobile work platforms. A Mobile Work Platform works perfectly on construction sites and manufacturing industries where the workers have to deal with heights. Its purpose is to move people from one position to the other at a height and it allows for easy embarking and disembarking.

Why mobile work platforms are better than ladders and scaffolds

Ladders for one are not very stable when it comes to very high heights; there is always wind interference and if care is not taken, a worker can get injured on it. With this type of equipment, however, workers do not have to worry about ladders swaying in the wind or breaking. Working on ladders for extended periods also causes more strain on the muscles of the workers as they have to worry about holding on to the ladders all the time. This strain on the muscles can result in pain on different body parts like the hands, shoulders, back, elbows, and wrists, and if this is not properly addressed on time, they can result in serious medical conditions that can cause impairment and limit functionality. Apart from the high level of discomfort and limitations in terms of performance it causes, it also reduces efficiency.  This is because the main priority of the worker would not be focused on staying safe on a ladder or scaffold at that height and not the job that is to be done. Also, it can be easily operated and there is no need for other people to provide support like for ladders.  

What mobile work platforms are like?

It consists of a work platform i.e. a plain horizontal surface where materials or people to be transported can comfortably stay on, a gate, or mesh for protection so that there is no sliding during transportation, and a scissor lift mechanism. This mechanism allows for easy horizontal and vertical movement. Using equipment like this helps to guarantee safety in the workspace and also allows the work progress considerably faster, not to mention providing a safe environment to work in. The mobile work platform can be used by many people; painters, electricians, there is always going to be a need for this type of machine when you are working with heights. It is also user friendly as it can be operated with very little training and it allows for a seamless and efficient work environment. This is way more than an advertisement! You can maintain a workspace that is functional and also one that caters to the health and wellbeing of its employees by acquiring any of these mobile work platforms from TRANSLYFT. Ensure safety in your workspace today with one of our mobile work platforms.