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Make non-destructive testing with X-ray

What you know X-ray to be

You are properly already familiar with the use of X-rays in the medical field. Here, X-rays are used to determine certain health-related subjects, such as detection of osteoporosis (bone fragility). A less negative medical disciplines X-ray provides, is a mother’s first look at her baby – still inside her tummy.

Ultrasound was a revolutionary innovation, connecting mother and child earlier than ever. X-ray have in general provided the medical field with such powerful information, that the technology has become essential at every hospital.

Same can be said for the airport. Here the X-ray is an essential part of a secure airport. At the airport, X-rays are used to safeguard human against dangerous lawbreaking interferences. It is a necessary tool for the security guards, and it provides a quick and pain free experience for the customers. Consider the possible waiting time, if you had to wait for the security to look through every suitcase. And by extension, think about how sloppy the security would be without this technology. After all, we are only human, and we make mistakes, but machines do not.

What you CAN know X-ray to be

Are you working in mechanical engineering? Then you properly know how important precision is in this line of work. Every mathematical calculation have to be exact, or errors will most likely occur.

But did you know, that X-ray has proven to be very useful in this field, as well as in the medical field?

X-ray sources provides you with the ability to perform non-destructive testing – Also known as NDT. NDT, as the name indicates, is an analysis technique that evaluate a material without causing it any damage – or even without touching it – in some cases. NDT provides you with both internal and external representation of a scanned object, and the information you receive from the analysis is incredibly useful. X-ray have actually shown to be useful in a variety of areas in the mechanical field.

It is also the most secure method you can choose, because you are certain not to break, scratch or in any way damage your object in the process. Another great advantage of using X-ray as an analyzing- method, is that you receive information, as precise as possible. This is of the highest importance in mechanical engineering, and X-ray will most likely never be displaced in the field. Unless, of course, it is being replaced by another X-ray.